How I used Yahoo Pipes to filter CodeRush videos

Alex Skorkin from the DevExpress CodeRush team is on a mission to bring you all sorts of interesting news about CodeRush. And he’s working on bringing you a new CodeRush Facebook page.

Like the CodeRush Facebook page

Since I created and now help maintain the DevExpress Facebook page, he asked me how we could add a feed for CodeRush only videos from the DevExpress YouTube channel.

DevExpress YouTube channel

Now the best approach is if I could just add a query parameter to this YouTube RSS feed:


Sadly I could not add the query parameter. Either that or I don’t know the specific parameter for it. Smile

So to solve this problem quickly, I decided to take a look at Yahoo Pipes which allows you to "aggregate, manipulate and mashup content from around the web".

Yahoo Pipes

Since Yahoo Pipes has been around since 2007, there are a ton of existing pipes which you can either use or copy and modify to suit your needs.

After a little searching, I found this "YouTube filter user’s video by title" pipe which allows me to send 2 parameters:

  1. YouTube User
  2. What do you want to keep? (Keyword to search title, description, etc.)


So after a quick clone to make a custom tweak, I had the optimal RSS feed that only grabbed CodeRush videos from the DevExpress YouTube channel.

Yahoo pipes is simple, fun and powerful.

What about IFTTT?

There’s a new service called "If this then that" ( Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with it but if you know how to do something similar with then please leave a comment below, thanks.

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