Jott’s Web 2.0 Sites Integration

I started using Jott.com this week and it’s useful. I tried it November 07 but the transcription service wasn’t that great and I didn’t get my email very quickly. Seems they’ve worked the bugs and it’s worth checking out again. As I setup more contacts, I noticed that I could even twitter from my cell phone now. That’s cool. They also have a ton of other sites integrated like blogger, Xpenser, and bunch more which I’ve never heard of. Here’s the full list:


SmugMug Picasa Uploader

Finally someone has created the plugin I’ve been thinking about making for almost a year now. You can now upload to smugmug.com directly from Google Picasa.

Great plugin, thanks meejer.com!

SmugMug Picasa Uploader

Update [03-23-08]: It looks like this is the new uploader or at least this one works:

New Uploader

Windows Live Writer Beta

This little windows app lets you create your blog entries in a nice little editor on the desktop rather in the browser.

I’m writing from the app now and I have to say its pretty cool.

I used it for another blog on a long message and it did great.

 You can download it here.

Redoxx AirBoss

Well, in a swift (and maybe foolish) click, I bought the Airboss.

You see I’ll be doing lots of travel this year and I love the concept of traveling light: OneBag.com

Well after my own travels, I’ve learned a good bag can be key. So I’m going to give this one a try:


Juding from it popularity with the traveling crowd, it should be pretty good. Price, however, is not on budget side.

Paypal Virtual Cards, Amazon and Roomba

This is a great idea that I’ve reading about but haven’t used until today:

Paypal Virtual Debit Cards FAQ

Basically, its a Mastercard that is good for 1 day with $150.00 spending limit on your paypal account. Great!

So I thought I would try it on a Roomba that I’ve been eyeing:


Unfortunately, its not so obvious where in paypal you might click to get to so check out this post. It contains a link there to point you to the specific place for the virtual cards whether they are paypal approved or not.

Buy with Paypal Virtual Cards