Arrgh. Craigslist scammers suck

Recently, I’ve been trying to sell a vehicle on craigslist and so far I’ve received 2 people offer me certified checks. I guess they figure that I wouldn’t read this obvious warning from CL.

Another guy is so persistent that he offered me $300 above my asking price if I would accept his home depot gift card offer. Apparently, he doesn’t think that people can google:
Gift Card Fraud Arrest

I’ve used CL several times in the last 4 years and its been great but lately these jerks are screwing it up for everyone.

I guess its to be expected but I just hope others don’t fall for it. Part of my angst come from recently watching this great movie about one of the biggest scams ever:

1 Week

I was gone for a company summit that was intense and yet very fun. It got my passion going again for what I’m working on. Although, it didn’t give me much time to blog or probably I just chose not to. Oh well.

Want and need

I read those financial blogs now and then. They speak of various way to become rich or just solve your financial problems. They talk about the difference between rich and others. Like that the rich only buy what they need.

So I try my best to separate between my wants and needs. Because they say that the rich only buy what they need. Or that the rich only buy things that appreciate in value.

Well, I know I don’t need a new remote control but dammit, I want this one:

Harmony 550

I’ll see how long I can hold out.

Btw, don’t they also say that many rich folks are unhappy? Could be if they had this remote then they would be happier. 🙂

Early Riser and Joe’s Ok

So I’m still using Joe’s Goals and I had question which I sent him and he responded in a few hours. Nice.

The goals that I have been wanting half heartedly are now becoming clear that I need to adopt, accept and change my ways. As you can tell from the title of this blog. I have trouble sleeping. Thats fine, I mean I can live with that but lately, its totally thrown off my cycle.

So I am going to try these suggestions from Steve Pavlina:

Early Riser

Early Riser Pt.2

Get up when alarm goes off…

I enjoy his writing. But there is so much to read that I get caught up reading every other article and I feel like I’m wasting time or something even though its for personal development.

Anyways, lets see how it goes.

Here is his: Best of…