TripIt and

Here’s 2 services that I like very much:

Ok, I don’t use them every day because they’re utility services that come in handy for the service they provide. First…


The website is free and very useful to keep track of your trips. Check out this article to learn more:

Use to Organize and Share Your Travel Documents Online

What I like about it:

When you get an email confirmation of your flight, hotel, etc. Simply forward that email to and it will be added to my list of trips along with all the details that I need. Now I have one place that stores all my trip information. And they even have a mobile app that I can use to bring up this information.

I’ve been using TripIt for a couple of years now and so far, it’s been great.

I just learned about the website a few days ago. And honestly, this article headline is what convinced me: Is Like TripIt for Google Calendar, Adds Any Event You Email

What I like about it:

As the headline says above, it’s a lot like TripIt for events. So when I have to setup a meeting or even make sure something is on my calendar, sending/forwarding an email will ensure that will do that for me.

While it’s only been a week of usage, I do like this service so far.

Try them out and let me know your thoughts, thanks.

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