Google Photos Screensaver on Windows 7 x64

I really like the Google Photos Screensaver because of it’s excellent visual effects options like the “Ken Burns effect” aka “Pan and Zoom“:


And it works great on dual monitors too by showing different pictures on both. As you can see from the settings image above, it can load images from the web, rss, or your local machine.

Oh and it’s free! Smile Get the screensaver by installing Picasa, Google’s awesome photo manager: (The Google Photos screensaver used to be part of the now defunct “Google Pack”.)

Unfortunately, the Google Photos screensaver has an annoying issue if you run it on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. It will cause screen flickering and not show any of the images you asked for!

Why? Because of the “On resume, display logon screen” option:


The solution is to uncheck that the “On resume…” box. This sucks if you like to have your machine auto-locked when the screensaver kicks in. Not a big deal for me since I’m used to using the “Window+L” keys to lock my machine.

Sadly, Google has known about this bug for almost 3 year now and it’s still not fixed. Since they’ve started focusing more on their profitable products (right move, imho), it’s unlikely that we’ll see bugs like this get fixed. Oh well. Google Photos Screensaver is still fantastic. Better than the Windows Live Photo Gallery screensaver, imho. Winking smile


    1. Hi Reed,

      Sorry, wish I had more info but it seems google is not that interested in updating this utility. You maybe better off looking for another screensaver.

      1. is there a way to get this screen saver? I’m at lost at finding a decent free w7x64 screensaver with Ken Burns effect

      2. Hi Fma,

        They distribute it with their picasa product. Not sure if they’ve discontinued it though. I don’t use it much any more so I’m not too sure, sorry. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  1. The only way I have found to make the Google Screen saver via (Picasso) work in windows 7 X 64 is to stop Desktop Windows Manager Services. For a while I used System Mechanic (old version) to setup a procedure to shutdown the desktop manager. Now I simply shut it off from starting up by typing msconfig in the start search field at the windows button then go to services and uncheck “Desktop Windows Managers Services”. The idiosyncrasy that I have found is that it does not work the first time your time limit for the screensaver is encountered but does on the second instance. So for example, if you want to time out in 10 minutes then you have to set your time setting to 5 minutes. A bit of fiasco but it works.

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