Month: February 2007

Sucker for a good bike trip

I love to hear about stories of people who’ve done some amazing traveling. Like Rupert Wilson-young. He did 20,000 miles on a Yamaha Vino 50 !!! Wow. He even took some great shots along the way which you can see here: 20k on Vino Pics.

I like this one:
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I really started liking the idea of traveling long distance traveling on 2 wheels many years ago. I think it was a blog entry by some guy who traveled from California to Alaska on a motorcycle.

But what really got me passionate about the idea was the Round the World trip that Ewan McGregor and his best friend Charlie B. took in Long Way Round. Aptly called 2 men, 2 bikes, 20,000 miles …

The farthest that I’ve rode so far is 350 miles round-trip. So far…

Arrgh. Craigslist scammers suck

Recently, I’ve been trying to sell a vehicle on craigslist and so far I’ve received 2 people offer me certified checks. I guess they figure that I wouldn’t read this obvious warning from CL.

Another guy is so persistent that he offered me $300 above my asking price if I would accept his home depot gift card offer. Apparently, he doesn’t think that people can google:
Gift Card Fraud Arrest

I’ve used CL several times in the last 4 years and its been great but lately these jerks are screwing it up for everyone.

I guess its to be expected but I just hope others don’t fall for it. Part of my angst come from recently watching this great movie about one of the biggest scams ever: