Day: January 10, 2007

Early Riser and Joe’s Ok

So I’m still using Joe’s Goals and I had question which I sent him and he responded in a few hours. Nice.

The goals that I have been wanting half heartedly are now becoming clear that I need to adopt, accept and change my ways. As you can tell from the title of this blog. I have trouble sleeping. Thats fine, I mean I can live with that but lately, its totally thrown off my cycle.

So I am going to try these suggestions from Steve Pavlina:

Early Riser

Early Riser Pt.2

Get up when alarm goes off…

I enjoy his writing. But there is so much to read that I get caught up reading every other article and I feel like I’m wasting time or something even though its for personal development.

Anyways, lets see how it goes.

Here is his: Best of…