Day: January 4, 2007

Goals and a new home page

I like the in your face look of this goals site so I made it my homepage for now.

Joes Goals


Looking for new music based on music you listen to now?


Simply following the easy menu.

If you haven’t seen this, then check it out.

Paypal Virtual Cards, Amazon and Roomba

This is a great idea that I’ve reading about but haven’t used until today:

Paypal Virtual Debit Cards FAQ

Basically, its a Mastercard that is good for 1 day with $150.00 spending limit on your paypal account. Great!

So I thought I would try it on a Roomba that I’ve been eyeing:


Unfortunately, its not so obvious where in paypal you might click to get to so check out this post. It contains a link there to point you to the specific place for the virtual cards whether they are paypal approved or not.

Buy with Paypal Virtual Cards