digg and Microsoft rock!

You maybe saying Duh, of course Digg rocks. But I used it to search for a free web host. I have this site that I help my brother-in-law host. There isn’t much traffic and it never gets updated. So I thought it was a waste of money paying to host it. Well Microsoft came with the perfect solution for me. After searching google and giving up, I searched digg for free web host and presto:

MS Office Live Free offer

That is the digg link and you will have to register but you get a domain name and free hosting from MS. Wow! Thats awesome. Anyways, the online editor may not be for everyone but I was up and running in less than an hour.

They do ask you for creditcard info but that is to verify you are not some spammer or something. Not sure but its worth it, for free 😉

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