Newsgator Rocks!

I read a lot of blogs. When I say I read, I mean skim unless it’s interesting. And I have tried various different RSS aggregators but my problem with the local versions that run on my machine (SharpReader, RSSBandit, etc.) is that I have too many feeds and they become a burden to run.

So if I want to update, it takes a big hit on my machine. This where services like Newsgator and BlogLines come in handy. They are server based and much easier to maintain. They both have similar features but I like interface of Newsgator better. On Newsgator can save entries in a clippings section and the manage folders functionality is also very nice. However, on bloglines, you can have a blog and one cool thing is that you easily have your feeds be your blogrolled w/o having to do much.

Anyways, both are cool but Newsgator is my homepage now for the last month or so. And one of these days, I’ll post some of the feeds I read. BTW, the feed on the right side of this blog,, is actually coming from a cool feature in Newsgator.


  1. You can post your blogroll from NewsGator Online automatically – go to NewsGator Manager, click “Edit Locations”, and click the “blogroll” link by whichever location you want to expose.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thx, though I eventually discovered this after I posted this entry. You can see the feed of on the right side of my blog.

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